CN Industrial Supplies - Thread Repair

Thread repairs are offered for a broad selection of free-running and screw-locking thread inserts, along with complementary STI taps and installation tooling. 

Thread RepairThe Recoil line includes thread inserts for UNC sizes ranging from .2-56 through 1-1/2", UNF sizes from 3-48 through 1-1/2", Metric Coarse sizes from M2 x 0.4 through M52-5, and Metric Fine sizes from M8 x 1 through M52 x 3. 

Inserts are manufactured from 304 stainless as standard, with other materials such as 316 stainless, Inconel X-750, Nitronic 60 and Phosphor Bronze also available.  Various platings and coatings can be applied upon request,
including Dry Film Lubricant, Cadmium, Silver, Tin, and Zinc.

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